The season has ended and as far we know everyone made it to their next destination safely. We hope you had a great summer filled with fun.

We really appreciated the warm welcome and cooperation we received from everyone this year. We were very fortunate to have one of the best workamping teams we have ever worked with anywhere. Let’s all hope we get as lucky next year. We learned a lot, and hope to build upon that experience in the coming year.

The weather has been unusually beautiful since the close of the season. There is no snow on the ground and it is the 22nd of November already and the low last night was 31 degrees. They say it will still come one day though.

While we have no major improvements on tap for the coming season, we are working over the winter to resolve, if possible, the issues with the two big dryers in the laundry. In case you weren’t aware, we did install a separate washer and dryer just for housekeeping, that hopefully alleviated some of the load this season. During high season, the need will still arise for housekeeping to use the laundry, but we hope to keep that to a minimum.

I would like to make sure you are aware we do have two park models for sale. Park Model M and Park Model U. These are both very nice units and they are priced to sell. Please let any of your friends know these are available.

We would like to improve both satisfaction and participation in our activities next season and welcome your input on how achieve this. I hope we improved satisfaction, but we didn’t make any progress on participation. What if we had two or three clubs, like 4 wheeling, fishing, mountain biking, or hiking? Of course we have experts in those areas that would need to volunteer to steer each club and you could meet as often as you like. Please send George and/or Kellie an email with any suggestions on activities that you would like to put in place. George and Kellie can be contacted at the following email addresses: [email protected] / [email protected].

We do have a couple of Policy changes for 2017 and going forward : 1) Storage Agreements. In order to better manage our storage area, we are enclosing our agreement to be completed with your expected arrival and departure dates, signed, and returned with your seasonal payment. This will serve as your request for a summer storage reservation. You can still pay the charges due on arrival. This change is needed as we have historically reserved a lot of unused time on many of our sites to the detriment of other customers seeking to store with us. 2) Cash and Credit Pricing: You will notice on this years bill, and going forward, a line item indicating the amount(s) for method of payment.

We hope you all have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or whatever you may celebrate and a Happy and Wonderful New Year! We hope you enjoy your winter adventures.

We wish you all the best and look forward to 2017,

George and Kellie Roberts