Tiny Houses


Love the idea of Tiny Houses? Curious about living in a Tiny House? Join the Small House Movement on your next vacation. Our tiny house RV rentals are sure to be the perfect fit for your next getaway or extended vacation.
More than a passing fad, the Tiny House Movement is huge and gaining more momentum every day. Driven by the prospect of financial freedom, a simpler lifestyle, and limiting one's environmental footprint, more people are opting to downsize. Here is your opportunity and an easy way to get a taste of the downsized lifestyle.
Our tiny houses on wheels are designed and built by Tumbleweed Tiny House Co --the leading luxury brand of tiny house manufacturers. Tumbleweeds are well known for beauty, innovation, function, and top-quality craftsmanship. Chock full of amenities, including a kitchen and full bathroom, these tiny houses sleep up to 5! 
Try on a tiny house for size!  Stay for a few nights or a few weeks, and experience the joy and simplicity of tiny living in a peaceful, cozy setting.